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I have a plushie ribena berry in my room that, when squeezeth, giggles like a berry possessed and it's antennae light up. Bringing me to an interesting point: the N64. Unlike it's brethren before it the humble book was responsible for bringing knowledge and entertainment to the masses. Masses in the catholic sense seem to be somewhat less than entertaining and more about howeveryone's a sinner and was born a sinner and can be redeemed on their deathbed (so long as they really really mean it honest guv) so what was the point in the first place?

I forget. I suspect that kittens were involved. I have noticed that the success of is largely due to the immense desire of a great many people to watch cats and kittens doing stupid or incredibly cute things. This is to be applauded. Here's a picture of a giraffe:


I finally did a little more room tidying today and even hoovered the floor. I mention this as it can be safely assumed that this comment is of noconsequence or concern and is therefore unlikely to provoke rage or jihad. In the event of rage of jihad simply click your heals together three times and say "there's no place like". This will do little to help your plight. If you are the rager it will merely allow time for the target of your rage to become momentarily confused then take advantage of the opportunity to flee. If you are the rageee then this will simply allow your rager to take an easy blow at you. It will, however, stick in the mind of those present and promote this site.



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RSS Feed I went to Rome... then came back again
To that end I have been meaning to post the couple of emails I sent with what I was up to while out there. For now though I shall post a link to the more visual and less wordy photomograph gallery of a few snaps I took out there :)
Wooo.. pikchas of Rome!


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RSS Feed There was call for more posts... I answered the call
Well, it would seem that Teh Karlos has issued a call for more posts! I could rant on at great length, wether you wanted me to or not, about how busy (lies) and active (lies) my world has been :P However... I won't.

The continued works on the greet Mcfr4g have in part, along with the discovery of the drupal website manageryimification systemage, inspired me to get some more workings and balls rolling on meh main site (which has been even more baren of updates that Mcfr4g -_-) the one and only! I'm sure, barring Karl modding the posts for blatent pluggins of other posting-based sites ;-), that I shall announce to everyone keeping an eye here about the progress. Just in case you care. Which you may not.

And now... for a random rant of random rantedness...

The other day I was called by an foreign person from a land a-far offering to rent me a line. They first asked how I was. "Purple", I replied, "with a hint of lilac.". The hint they did not take. The conversation took an odd turn when, having given up trying to find out why I would want to rent a line when I could draw a perfectly adequate line with tools such as pencil paper and photoshop, I requested, in order to better understand the jibberish I was being told, a tangable walkthrough. At this point I was told I would be put on hold and a supervisor found. I lost interest and hung up. Now at this point the story gets a tad more fictional... After putting down the phone I was confonted by a midget. Oh not just any midget tho... this one was 12ft tall and appeared to be constructed entirly of PEZ. Terrifying as this image was he befrended me and told me that, yay, though his name be Delilah he be of sound manly nature and doth pledge his life to protect the Dispencers of the Pez. I informed him that being as I was not a dispencer of Pez and that he was clearly wearing both stockings and a gingam(sp?) dress that I thought him to be a mightly mis-guided midget. I also felt reason to challenge his claim of midget status, being as he was a full 12ft tall or more!

To cut a fictional story true we have digital teevee now. w00t.


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RSS Feed Good, Bad, Annoying, Necessary
Cheese is good, cancer is bad, beer is good, beetroot is bad, stamps are useful and wires en-mass are annoying but necessary.

Fried food is tasty, Quorn is silly, reduced fat cheese is not cheese, caffine free coffee is not bricks, good milkshakes are greet and ps3 is lame

Sunny Tea House is fantabulous, a smal hole in a shoe when the ground is wet is not, matches bring fire, water brings extinguising, money buys stuff and keyboards are very necessary.

Food running out is annoying, kebabs are a saviour, beer is a via foodstuff, Quorn is not a foodstuff, film nudity is almost always female and horse racing is for betting. is teh greetness, is teh suk, bit torrent is usually illegal, TV licencing Enforement Officers are a boundless source of comedy, heating should be at 21 degrees and batteries are not food.


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General Stuff

Here is where some stuff down the side will go .

I am yet to decide what will go here at the moment, I just figured it might be worth reserving the space now rather than later.

I might have static links to features here or just some odd stuff.




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Link of The Domething

Mouse steals old mans teeth - A mouse steals old man's teeth. Suggested by Karl.


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The following things happened recently on the forums:

Mango Hair Design
M4GIC on:
Re: Mango Hair Design
Dampness aarghhhh
Spam of the Now..
Some stuff about wood flooring.
My website
Re: My website


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Planned Updates

I plan to consider implementing the following:

  • Alternate "Karl Heads"
  • Much more media to the "All Media" Category
  • Remove "Item 4"
  • Add new style User Profiles
  • Add new style User profile management.
  • Have something to put in the box above this one.
  • Some other stuff
  • Better spacing, sizing, positioning and feltching.


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