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Http:// - if you know nothing of the Techmofos then click it, NOW!. Techmofo is a web design group involving myself and a few of my homies.
Http:// - APT Motors Leeds garage website, done by entirely by me everything!
Http:// - One of my sisters is a very talented singer and song writer, here is proof!
Http:// - Chris's site about metallic objects or something.
Http:// - The home of the great SVEN!
Http:// - Teh Best Flash games in the UNIVERSE!!
Http:// - Very scary website about random bollocks, created by secret internet detective terrorist paedophiles, or clowns.


nnaproductions NNA productions have linked to for a long time even during the long down period!

emeciton- As above affiliated for very long time, Emecition makes funky flash games and stuff, some with METAL SLUG!!


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